Nextel To Sort Of Offer Wi-Fi

I’m still trying to decipher this InfoWorld article about Nextel’s WiFi plans, because they’re not at all clear. It sounds like they may just be using WiFi to boost their iDEN (cellular) network technology in buildings. It also sounds like they could potentially offer WiFi with iDEN backhaul, but have no plans to do so (and it’s unclear why they would want to). Update: Thanks to Glenn Fleishman for coming to my rescue and pointing out his blog entry that has a much clearer explanation of what’s going on. Note to self: when confused by WiFi news, first check out Glenn’s site. Basically, they’re selling a device that does two things at once: (a) increases iDEN coverage in buildings and (b) sets up a WiFi access point. These two things are unrelated, but are done from the same box. Clear? Good.

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