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WiFi Begins At Home

Realizing that a major factor in the success of WiFi hotspots is people’s willingness to use them (sounds obvious, yes?), Telewest in the UK has come up with the bright idea that if people are using WiFi at home, they’re more likely to use it on the road. However, they also realize that (especially outside of the US) home WiFi has been slow to take off because of the difficulty in setting it up. Thus, they’re offering a nicely pre-configured self-installation WiFi kit, which they’re also hoping this will get more homes to sign up for their broadband offerings. Sounds like a sensible plan. The real question is whether or not that self-install kit really will be that easy. There are plenty of WiFi offerings that claim to be simple to set up, and don’t live up to that billing. By focusing on ease of setup, then the bar is set even higher, so they had better make sure it really is plug-n-play simple.

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