Can't Get That Song Out Of Your Head?

from the you're-not-alone dept

Someone who prefers to remain anonymous wrote in with a link to news about a study showing that 98% of people end up with songs “stuck in their head” – a phenomenon known as an “earworm”. Certain songs are definitely more prone to becoming earworms – though, it is influenced by how many times you happen to hear it (so, we can blame today’s pop stations and their repetitive list of six or seven songs for some of the pain). In cases of advertising jingles, it can be especially annoying. The article reports that a community council is looking to limit the number of times ice cream trucks can play their catchy jingle. Just a warning, though, if you want to click through and read the article. They list some of the more popular “earworm” songs – and now my head is playing this bizarre medley of those songs… on repeat.

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Comments on “Can't Get That Song Out Of Your Head?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Demolished Man

All people who find this story interesting should read The Demolished Man, by Alfred Bester. The earworm concept plays a major role — there is even a character whose job is to write jingles with the described “can’t get it out of your head” quality, who has a jingle that she refuses to play for anybody because it is so good that it will drive you nuts.

bbay says:

No Subject Given

This one is probably local to the midwest, so I’m sure you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, but anyway…

The regional phone company (Alltel) has this commercial that makes fun of a (fictional) company called ‘Super Massive Wireless’. The premise is that while Alltel is out there spending the money on improving the wireless network, other ‘big’ companies are paying for worthless promotional strategies, like an expensive R&B boy-band type group that sings some worthless jingle.

This FAKE jingle sung by a FAKE band in a FAKE comercial for a FAKE company is stuck in my head all the time! It’s worse than any other song I’ve ever heard.

Hell, if they were a real company I’d probably already be buying their products and bowing to their glorious… uh, what was I saying?

(‘Super Massive Wireless, I love you so much I have to express…. Super Massive Wireless…’ Repeat)

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