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With all the focus on Howard Dean and blogging in the last couple of months, it seems a number of other politicians have started to get the message that maybe there is something to this whole “blogging” thing. Of course, they then attack it in typical politician fashion and assign an aide to come up with a blog for them. Maureen Dowd at the NY Times takes a look at a bunch of the new Presidential candidate blogs and is not very impressed, pointing out that none of them really have the off-the-cuff type of speech that makes blogs worth reading and makes readers feel like they have a connection with the writer. Specifically, she wanted to see politicians insulting each other. The only political blogger she thought got it right was one who decided early on not to run: Gary Hart. When asked whether he reads the blogs of other politicians, he replied: “If you’re James Joyce, you don’t read other authors.”

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1 Comment
Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

I beg to differ

If you check the website of gubernatorial candidate Mary Carey ( (caution: NOT SAFE FOR WORK) you’ll find that her blog information is quite entertaining, educational and easily accessible for only $19.95 per month.

You should at least check out the platform she’s running on (webcam the govenor’s mansion and charge admission to reduce the debt, porn-for-guns trade-in program, making lap dances a tax-deductable business expense, etc.)

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