Trojans Putting Child Pornography On Computers

from the that-can't-be-good dept

With the recent acquittal of a UK man accused of having child pornography on his computer after it was determined that the images were a result of a Trojan horse virus on his computer, the NY Times is looking at a number of legal questions this brings up. First of all, there’s the issue of whether or not this will become the “standard” defense of anyone caught with child pornography. However, even scarier, is the idea that child porn could just end up showing up on your hard drive without your knowledge, if you did happen to get infected with a Trojan horse. The article quotes Mark Rasch saying: “The scary thing is not that the defense might work, [but] that the defense might be right.” Yet another example where authorities are going to have to get caught up on technology if they’re going to accurately find the criminals, and not end up throwing innocent people in jail.

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Comments on “Trojans Putting Child Pornography On Computers”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: No Subject Given

Yeah. we used to do that all the time. It was gas with those who could get the joke (which used to be more people, back when people used their brain and lived without mommy).

In this american theocracy, I’d be afraid today of having my figurative hand chopped off by the snarling ‘protective’ lawyers.

Ian Davis (user link) says:

Deliberate Infections

Of course, now all the paedophile has to do is deliberately get infected – not only do they get their chosen type of porn for free they also get an alibi for having it. Makes you wonder at the motivation of the virus writer.

The same could happen with MP3s also – a virus that acts as a Kazaa client would provide cover for all kinds of illegal trading.

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