Sen. Hollings Announces Retirement

from the will-Disney-pay-his-pension? dept

Senator Hollings, most recently known for putting forth a piece of legislation written by the entertainment industry that would basically outlaw fair use by requiring all technology to have built in copy protection, has decided that he won’t seek re-election. Within the tech community, people would joke about how Hollings was in Hollywood’s pocket by referring to him as “the Senator from Disney” or some similar phrase. However, it’s amusing to note the Hollywood Reporter’s description of Hollings as a frequent media critic – leaving out his attempt to help Hollywood enforce their obsolete business model, and bring along even those who wanted to let people copy their content freely.

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Comments on “Sen. Hollings Announces Retirement”

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1 Comment
Tom Foolery says:

Hollings had an evil twin

Enemy of hollywood?
Friend of hollywood?

you know, hollings was instrumental in getting streaming radio back in business, coming up with a compromise to the insane licensing plan imposed by … who was that, the library of congress? Well, anyway, he’s a fun guy to deride, but i get to listen to Groove Salad partly because of him, which is a good thing.

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