Motorists Ignore Hazards Of Mobiles

from the we're-all-better-than-the-average-driver dept

It turns out that, just like in New York, drivers in Australia are ignoring new laws that ban “driving-while-yakking” on your mobile phone. Not all that surprisingly, the majority of offenders turn out to be male. A study done in Melbourne found that nearly 2% of the drivers on the road were using mobile phones, despite it being against the law, including a somewhat hefty fine and points on your license. The real question is whether or not drivers are ignoring the law because they don’t know about it or they just don’t care?

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Comments on “Motorists Ignore Hazards Of Mobiles”

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Munich says:

Risk versus reward

I no economic theorist, but seems to me this is some sort of combination of chances of getting caught with costs and benefits: benefit-(caught*cost) perhaps.

The chances of getting caught are probably pretty low (like for speeding) and the benefit of talking to the other party outweighs the imputed cost of the fine.

They either have to do better enforce it or really raise the fines.

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