How Can You Blame WiFi For Shoulder Surfing?

Is there something they put in the journalists’ morning coffee that makes them stop thinking about things when it comes to WiFi security stories? The latest is this bizarre piece from talking about the “dangers” of someone “shoulder surfing” while you use WiFi on a plane. Basically, they’re warning you that the person sitting next to you or behind you might see what’s on your screen. What does this have to do with WiFi? Beats me. About the only connection is that now that Connexion is offering service in some places, some people might be more inclined to use their laptops on a plane, or to do work on more confidential matters. However, the idea that someone can look over your shoulder and see what your doing really has nothing to do with WiFi, and suggesting that it does is simply a tactic by a security company to make WiFi seem less secure so they can increase business.

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