Family's Life Saved Via The Internet

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Well, here’s a nice feel good Friday story for you. There have been similar stories about people preventing their online friends from successfully committing suicide, but this is the first time I’ve heard of an internet-based life-saving like this. Apparently, a mother and son in the UK had been chatting with an “internet friend” in West Virginia, who was describing how her and her family were way too sleepy. The symptoms sounded like carbon monoxide poisoning, and when the woman in WV dozed off mid-sentence, the guy in the UK

called police in West Virginia to alert them. Of course, this being the internet, he only knew her name and the general area she lived in. The police found them, and rescued them from a leaking gas pipe that was, indeed, causing carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Comments on “Family's Life Saved Via The Internet”

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LittleW0lf says:

Re: But if the way of the net is any indication,

after the superficial pleasantries are exchanged for the life saving episode, they’ll blow up about something else down the line and stop talking to each other.

Boy, Anonymous Coward, aren’t we in a bad mood today? Maybe you may want to check your gas pipes to make sure you aren’t suffering from Carbon Monoxide poisoning as well. Doesn’t it also cause an overall feeling of dispair due to the headaches.

Last time I checked, the internet was not the cause of it, but just the human condition. We all are nice to one another when an emergency or tragedy occurs, but the moment it is gone we all get upset with each other. You don’t need the computer or the net to see this.

Rob Henderson says:

state citizenship?

A relatively minor detail in the story text raises an interesting questions. If the State of West Virginia can issue to an individual the right to live here without a visa, how does that jive with the federal entry and visa requirements? What if the gentleman from the UK was actually a citizen of Pakistan; would he be required to register?

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