Satellites Spy On Competitors

from the cover-up-those-crops dept

While spy satellites used to be focused on governments spying on governments, now they’re going corporate. The various companies that sell satellite photos are finding good business in agricultural espionage. Plenty of farmers (and even government agricultural departments) are buying satellite images from around the world to see what their competitors are up to. Once again, it appears that the biggest push in spying isn’t coming from the government but from private companies.

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Comments on “Satellites Spy On Competitors”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

Cartel rennaissance?

Now Economics 101 textbooks may have to re-write their mention of agriculture as an example of perfect competition. If there is a shortage of a given commodity, there will be an incentive to drive prices higher still through crop bioterrorism.

We’re in the “ideologue” phase of terrorism for now, in which terrorists believe in grand philosophical causes. Terrorists of the future will probably have pettier causes.

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