FBI Targets Net Phoning

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Because the FBI can’t handle the idea that someone somewhere might (gasp!) talk to someone else without the FBI being allowed to listen in, they’re now looking to force ISPs to open up a way for them to tap voice over IP calls. Of course, if you can tap voice packets, you can tap data packets too. So, why don’t we just make sure that all internet traffic routes its way through FBI servers, just to be safe? Next thing you know, they’ll be requiring people to make photocopies of any written note and store it in a special locker that the FBI can access. After all, terrorists might contact each other by written note, and then where would we be?

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Comments on “FBI Targets Net Phoning”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Better than the current system

Canadian, British, and other foreign intelligence services are already listening in on American phone calls anyway. Under the current system, the NSA swaps Echelon intelligence for foreign intelligence, which rarely makes it all the way to the FBI.

POTS calls are monitored by state and local police departments, which is then shared with the FBI, so the FBI rarely needs to initiate phone taps on its own. But for VoIP, local cops may not have the jurisdiction or sophistication.

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