Verizon Glitch Fix Is A Bitch

On Friday, we had the story of a bug in Verizon’s text messaging software that would let a hacker get access to all your text messages. Wired News is reporting that Verizon only fixed the bug when their reporter contacted them, despite the fact that the group that discovered the bug, ThreeZee Technology had been trying to tell Verizon Wireless about it for quite some time. Furthermore, the “bug fix” isn’t such a great deal. Instead of actually fixing the problem, Verizon simply broke their confirmation system for text messages sent via Verizon’s website – which is where the bug was. So now, instead of getting a confirmation for SMS messages you sent, you get a line of asterisks where the phone number was supposed to be. Seems like they rushed through a bad fix, so that the exploit wasn’t available when the article came out. It will be interesting to see if they put in a more viable fix in the near future.

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