Divorce By Mobile Phone Now Legal In Malaysia

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It was over two years ago that we first reported about how a husband in Dubai divorced his wife by SMS text message from his mobile phone. The husband later admitted that it was a “joke”, but it was ruled to be a legal divorce. Now, the same question has come up in Malaysia and it has been declared legal to divorce your wife by mobile phone there, as well. I’m assuming that the wives have noticeably fewer (if any) options when it comes to divorce.

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Comments on “Divorce By Mobile Phone Now Legal In Malaysia”

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e3ashig (user link) says:


When people get married, they chose which one of the couple has the authority to divorce. By default, the man has this authority, but it can be the woman. Divorce is severely discouraged. Infact, in Islamic believe, it is God’s least favourite of all the allowed rights in Islam. To divorce your partner, you have to have the competence, then say the words (I Divorce You) or (You are divorced). Couple have a certain number of month to reconcile after divorce but are only allowed to divorce and reconcile twice, after the third divorce, they can not reconcile as easy again.

I dont think the man in the above story can qualify as “Competent” judging by his action.

Louise D. Meehan says:

Divorce By Mobile Phone Now Legal

Basically, filing for divorce was always available and legal. For example, in case of uncontested divorce you can get all divorce forms online from services like https://divorceonlineutah.com and print them, and serve to court afterwards. So as long and you have browser and acces to internet, you can basically get a divorce from any device.

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