Parents, Grandparents Targets Of RIAA

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The Associated Press has tracked down some of the first batch of targets from the RIAA’s subpoena flood – which they say is the RIAA’s version of a “shock and awe” campaign. They point out that some of the people being targeted used someone else’s computer and internet connection (their parents, their roommates, their grandparents, etc.). It sounds like those at the receiving end aren’t really sure what to do. One of them wants to call up the RIAA and “settle” – even though they haven’t actually been charged with anything. Others sound a bit more defiant. A lawyer quoted in the article suggests that the RIAA might not want to go after “grandmothers or junior high students who have only downloaded in isolated incidents” since that might cause a bit of a backlash.

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Comments on “Parents, Grandparents Targets Of RIAA”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Let the Phun begin...

…this is going to be a real education for the Entertainment Industry(R)(C)(tm).

The analogy would be trying to go after people who first used VCRs to tape TV showes and movies they rented from the local video store. P2P is only several years old. There is a lot of re-adjusting that has been put off by the legal system.

Two very positive things are going to come out of this:

1. P2P is going to get privacy/anonyonmity enhancments

2. The Entertainment Industry is going to get a good, much needed recalibration.

The only down side I can see is:

1. There are also going to be litterally thousands of foot soldiers and innocent bistandars who end up as cannon fodder and collateral dammage.

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