Zen And The Art Of Corporate Productivity

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Companies are laying off people left and right, cutting benefits, and expecting long hours. It’s no surprise that stress in the workplace is a problem. Now, however, there’s a growing trend that allows companies to (cheaply) try to deal with the stress issue. They’re encouraging their staff to meditate. Many companies, big and small, are now preaching daily meditation as a way to cut down on stress and improve productivity. While I have nothing against meditation, and think it definitely improves productivity to take a break during the day to recharge your batteries (I’m a fan of a power nap), something about these stories sounds a little bit like corporations trying to appease angry workers with something to cover up just how bad working conditions have become. “Oh, sure, we’ve cut half our staff, doubled your workload, cut your salary, and your options are underwater. But, just meditate a little bit – we’ll even provide a mat – and all will be okay…”

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Comments on “Zen And The Art Of Corporate Productivity”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

HR has to do something to keep themselves employed. And, like you said, it is likley an attempt to distract employees away from what is really going on (like a good magician)

Can you imaging the outrage if companies encouraged prayer? While meditation in itself is not religous, it does have connections and connotations with Eastern religions.

Anonymous Coward says:

Just another fad

Ten years ago, “diversity training” was all the rage, when “instructors” with dubious credentials would come in, stir up trouble by having people act out roles, and more often than not have people walk away with hurt feelings.

Perhaps companies now will hire pushy new age types to come in and demand that people meditate, and will accuse those who oppose the practice of “having bad vibes” or whatever.

The pattern here is that businesses are falling for pop psychology fads that have no basis in the true science of psychology. In the long run, there is no substitution for good leadership, ethical treatment of employees.

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