Turkmen Drivers Forbidden To Eat, Drink, Smoke And Use Cell Phone

from the going-all-out dept

While we’re debating the legality of using mobile phones while driving in the US, over in Turkmenistan, they’ve gone all out. You’re not allowed to eat, drink, smoke, listen to loud music or use mobile phone while driving. Soon, you won’t be allowed to drive while driving either.

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Comments on “Turkmen Drivers Forbidden To Eat, Drink, Smoke And Use Cell Phone”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Regulating stupidity

With all the inconsiderate, dangerous drivers on the road, adding such laws does often seem like a good idea.

Excessively democratic societies that cater to every whim of voters have a tendency to suffer the consequences of irresponsibility in the long run. Voters in a certain country convinced themselves that they would have a booming economy that will last for the next 50 years, therefore they should cut taxes all over the place. Now schools and essential services are shutting down all over that country, people blame the “evil” government, and raising taxes are “out of the question” because it would feed the evil government.

In the interest of wisdom, perhaps there should be laws to put away people who advocate lowering taxes.

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