Ahhh, So That?s What Spam Is!

from the as-if-we-knew dept

A couple weeks back, we wrote about how the Direct Marketing Association was trying to redefine spam. It appears those efforts are continuing. The head of the DMA was recently quoted saying that it’s only spam if the email is fraudulent in nature. What’s surprising about this article, though, is that it’s written for a direct marketing publication, and points out what a stupid move this is on the part of the DMA – and that most direct marketers realize not only is this not true, but it sends a terrible message to consumers. Of course, the reason the DMA may be doing this is because, with the advent of the national Do Not Call list, they’re looking to spam you instead.

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Comments on “Ahhh, So That?s What Spam Is!”

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LittleW0lf says:

I'd buy this argument!

Never have I seen a “Direct Marketeer” who actually has sat down and thought the arguement through to its natural conclusion. If only the RIAA would do the same!

However, one thing I think the DMA has failed to look at is how much happier folks are with Opt-In systems. I have placed my email address in a number of opt-in mailings, from Atlas model-trains to various computer companies, and even to candle distributors, renaissance clothers, and indie music companies (hazaa CD-Baby!), and have never felt angry or overwhelmed from the email they were sending me, as I: 1) asked for the stuff in the first place, and 2) knew that if I no longer needed or wanted the email, I could visit their website and shut it off. They like me because I am a good, loyal customer, and I like them because they are sending me email describing things I want, need, or “have to have.”

On the other hand, SPAM offers me breast enlargement (oh, I need that!), a low interest home loan (yeah, I really need someone stealing my house and home,) porn (sorry, it is against my religion,) or various other novelty items (my house is already cluttered as it is.) Clouding the channel to oblivion is probably an understatement, and I’d love to see a opt-in law which allows the common user to sue the SPAM Kings in order to recoup damages from overflowing email accounts and connection charges to download 5MB of pictures and html for SPAM I am not interested in buying.

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