MPAA Fighting. EFF In California, Just Because Of Who They Are

from the legal-vendettas dept

Well, this is nice. Found over at Dave Farber’s “Interesting People” list is an article describing how the MPAA is lobbying against some California state legislation just because the EFF is lobbying for it. The MPAA admits that they just don’t like the EFF and don’t want this legislation passed – even though it will have little direct impact on them either way. Of course, they’re probably also worried about setting a precedent. The issue at hands is a bill that says any time someone subpoena’s an ISP or similar company for information about a user, that user should have the right to know about it, and to contest the subpoena before the information is revealed. This is, of course, similar to the famous RIAA/Verizon case – except that that was a federal case. Any copyright issues the MPAA is likely to face will also be federal issues, and so the state law doesn’t make a difference to them one way or the other. They’re just fighting this on principle.

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