Could Net Filters Out-Cost Lost Fed Funds?

from the does-money-matter? dept

Some of the libraries that are debating whether or not to install filters or give up their federal funds are realizing that it may cost more to buy, install and maintain the filters than they’re getting from the government anyway. Some libraries aren’t paying attention to the money issue and say they feel the Supreme Court ruling means they have to install filters, no matter whether they take federal money or not. Of course, if that were true, why hadn’t they installed filters already?

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Comments on “Could Net Filters Out-Cost Lost Fed Funds?”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

> Supreme Court ruling means they have to install filters, no matter whether they take federal money or not

As my civics teacher once pointed out, what if you DID ignore the Supreme Court? They don’t have an army. There isn’t s Supreme Court Police.

Ofcourse the purpose of the question was for her students to grasp that the Executive Branch is in charge of enforcing Supreme Court Rulings. But what if THAT branch decides not to enforce it? Andrew Jackson famously ignored one of the court’s rulings and more recently Bill Clinton ignored their ruling about union members having to pay the political part of their dues. If the executive branch ignores it and congress is not apt to act, then a Supreme Court ruling can mean nada.

The “stick” for the executive branch – or any branch of government – has been cash. If libraries are going to spend more $ implementing and rather give up the cash, then the libararies can be free to ignore it since after witholding $, there isn’t a whole lot more that the feds can do to a library.

Ofcourse, this ruling is a way for the library to get an INCREASE in funding – maybe down the road – so it would probably make sense in the long run to obay it now and get more funds later. Or do a mailing to local patrons to get money. It is more likely Soccer Mom will send in a few bucks for a filter than the guy wanting to look at porn at a public establishment.

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