Making Money By Preventing File Sharing

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If you want to know where the money-making opportunity is in online file sharing, right now, it appears to be in buidling tools that let the entertainment industry track down and/or frustrate file sharers. More and more such companies are springing up every day, and claim that they’re making money. It’s too bad that the entertainment industry seems to be throwing so much money away on an effort to prevent people from getting the content they produce. It would be interesting to see just how much money the industry has spent on these measures, as well as lawyers in going after file-sharing networks and users, and comparing it to how much money they claim they’re “losing” to online file sharing. On a side note, this other article points out that one of the “anti-file-sharing” companies paraphrases a popular song on its website, and wonders whether or not they have permission to do so.

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