Spy On Your Kids With Your Mobile Phone!

Trusting your kids is apparently something only done in older generations when we didn’t have the big brother-ish technology to spy on them. A company in the UK is hyping up their new service to let parents track every movement of their kid via their mobile phone and some location-based technology. We’ve discussed similar technologies before. I understand the temptation to want to be able to immediately determine where your kid is at any moment of the day – but kids hate being spied on – and will resent their parents for doing so. Just because you can do things with the technology doesn’t mean you should. For millions of years prior to now, parents were able to let their kids go off into the world – with the risk of them being kidnapped being phenomenally low. I can’t see how that risk is worth the undying resentment of kids who (trust me) will understand how to work the system better than their parents, and will figure out a way to turn it off (or to provide false information).

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