Half Of People Are Rude On Mobile Phones, But Only 14% Admit It

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Just like drivers who all insist they’re better than average, no one seems to think they’re rude about how they use their mobile phone. A new study shows that 86% of people don’t think they use their mobile phone in a rude way, but nearly 50% believe that others are rude in how they use their phone. Of course, this could just mean that the 14% who are rude do so in ways that impact the 50% – but chances are plenty of people just don’t realize that they’re being rude on their mobile phone. 97% of people have either used, or seen someone use, a mobile phone in a restaurant – a situation that is often rude, but may depend on circumstances. However, while most people believe that using vibrate mode, sending calls to voicemail, and communicating by text messaging are more courteous to others in many situations, very few people actually use those features. I’m a bit surprised at the numbers here. 45% say they’ve never sent a call to voicemail, while 50% say they’ve never used vibrate mode.

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Comments on “Half Of People Are Rude On Mobile Phones, But Only 14% Admit It”

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thecaptain says:

its a sign of the times....

“The rules apply to everybody but me…”

You see it everywhere..(unfortunately)..someone complains because of some behaviour, and turn around and feel perfectly justified doing it themselves.

Had a (slight) row with my gf last week about it, she complains (rightly) about people cutting in the queue when getting on the bus (happens everytime basically…not just kids, but adults too) but then she turned around and did it herself quite blattantly the next day…I waited in line and she was angry that I hadn’t followed…which led to me pointing out the hypocrisy, hence the row.

Since then tho, I notice she queues up.

Sometimes all it takes it one person to point it out.

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