Music Marketing Takes A Page From AOL – CDs Everywhere!

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Taking a page from the AOL strategy of blanketing the world with AOL CDs, an independent label has come up with quite the marketing plan to promote one of their singers. They’re going to be putting out 4.8 million “enhanced content” mini-CDs as the tops of cups you get at the movie theater and amusement parks (the straw fits through the hole in the middle of the CD). While part of me thinks this is a creative and different way to promote a new artist without actually inconveniencing anyone, it does seem like an awful lot of CD/cup covers to throw out there. Of course, if this program is successful, you can bet that it won’t be long before every fast food, movie theater, pizza place, etc. paper cup you receive will come with a mini-CD attached as the cover. Of course, if the music industry had embraced file sharing there would be less of a need for this, since artists could promote themselves online, with freely downloadable tracks, rather than having to create 5 million wasted CDs.

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