Wireless Broadband Needs More Spectrum

The recent wireless spectrum auction farce in the UK – where buyers don’t actually have to do anything with the spectrum license they won – has caused a group to say that more spectrum should be auctioned off if the UK really wants wireless broadband. They’re worried that the companies that won the spectrum auctions are either going to use it for regular 3G services (not fixed wireless broadband) or that they’re just going to sit on the license and hope that down the road someone else wants to use them, and they can resell them. Of course, I’m not exactly sure what the issue is with them using the spectrum for 3G offerings. If the wireless technology is good enough, whether it’s “3G” or not, it could be used for wireless broadband access. Also, considering the almost complete lack of interest in the last spectrum auction, will auctioning off more spectrum really make much of a difference? There really don’t seem to be any companies clamoring for such spectrum to offer fixed wireless broadband.

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