Voice Mail Spam

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Well, here’s the newest type of spam to be aware of: voice mail spams. Companies have figured out backdoors into voice mail systems, so they can leave a recorded voice mail for you advertising whatever they want. Among the companies happily doing this are the Toronto Blue Jays who are voice mail spamming people in the Toronto area to try to get them to go to games. Now, I’m a huge baseball fan, but I think I would never go to another game if my local team spammed my voice mail with a recorded advertisement I didn’t ask for. The companies doing this all say that it’s not “telemarketing”, so the current laws against telemarketing don’t apply. Time to clarify those laws, I guess.

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Comments on “Voice Mail Spam”

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Glenn says:

No Subject Given

You didn’t happen to fly on American West or United in the past year or so, did you?

Any plans to fly on one of the ‘healthy’ carriers? Should we short some stock?

Maybe you should invest in the Euro and help out the dollar a bit… what about Microsoft? have you thought about investing? Maybe it would only take a single share???!!

(sorry for the much delayed response; never read that Salon article before)

thecaptain says:

Re: Hacking Laws?

That’s not the way the law works and you know it…

There’s criterias for that:

– If you’re a 14 year old script kiddie and you gain backdoor access – life in prison and you’re a terrorist…
– if you’re a company doing the same to make millions in profit – a settlement for $50000 and no admission of guilt, media time with the press about how the government is hounding the free market and billions more in new customers.

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