Police Using Wireless Net To Cast Web

My point about this story isn’t so much what’s actually in the news article, but what isn’t. It’s an article from a local newspaper in Illinois talking about how the local police department now has internet access in all of their police cruisers. So, here’s the interesting thing: the article barely mentions “wireless” at all. This just is the internet to them. Wireless/wireline… there’s little distinction. Second, the article never says anything very specific about the technology being used. Considering my interest in the subject, I kept asking “but what technology are they using?” Then I realized that the average person reading this article doesn’t care what technology they’re using. They don’t care that it’s “wireless”. They just like the fact that their police officers have internet access. That’s progress. It’s good to see articles focusing on what’s being done with these connections, rather than being fascinated by the connections themselves.

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