Bluetooth Wardriving

How can you tell that Bluetooth is finally (really) catching on? The hackers are taking aim at it, and there are even discussions about “Bluetooth wardriving” – though, the limited range of Bluetooth means the wardriving only works when you’re in very close proximity. However, they point out this can be useful in crowded areas like a conference or on a train while commuting. It sounds like there are similarities to early security problems with WiFi, as well. Someone in the article mentions that they installed a Bluetooth card on their handheld computer and found that the default was to share all files with any Bluetooth device that could connect to it. So, now, people expect that Bluetooth will follow a similar security path. I wonder if the press will have the same field day with Bluetooth security as they did (and still do) with WiFi. Since the press seems to enjoy trashing Bluetooth (or announcing it’s already dead), I can see stories about security holes doing much more damage than they did to WiFi.

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