The Latest Smartphones Still Have a Lot to Learn

While Derek was just praising the Kyocera 7135 that Mossberg was trashing when compared to the new Samsung i500, over at the Washington Post, they’re trashing both of these smartphones, saying that neither can hold a candle to the Treo, which has been out much longer. The main issue (and one of the biggest issues with any smartphone implementation) is that these phones all seem to suffer when compared to just a mobile phone or just a PDA. The first really successful combo device has to not compromise on either side of the fence.

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Comments on “The Latest Smartphones Still Have a Lot to Learn”

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1 Comment
Derek Kerton (profile) says:

Vive La Difference

Ultimately, the four phones discussed in total, the Treo, the Kyocera 7135, the Samsung i700, and the Samsung i500 are all different, and have different sizes and features. This is great! It means each user can choose the device that fits them best. Yes, there are still some improvements that can be made on each of these devices, but they are light-years ahead of the original Smartphone, the Qualcomm PDQ of 2000. Buyers should take each review as a quasi-personal opinion of the writer, and choose based on their own criterion.

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