Philips Unveils Mirror TV

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For the especially narcissistic among you, Philips is getting ready to launch their mirror TV, which is a mirror with an embedded LCD screen. When the TV is off, it just looks like a regular mirror, but when you turn it on, a TV shows up in the mirror. We’ve actually mentioned this before, but with Philips offering one, that means it’s probably one step closer to being more widely available. Of course, it’s still going to be quite a while before you’re likely to have one in your house. Philips is initially targeting their product at hotels, who can use it as a space saver. Also, from the picture with the article, it looks like the screen over covers a very tiny portion of the mirror, which could be a little awkward. What would be really nice is if you could resize the screen. So, in the morning, as you’re combing your hair and catching the latest news you could see them both in a single shot, but later on when you just want to watch TV and couldn’t care less what you look like, the whole thing is a large screen TV.

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Comments on “Philips Unveils Mirror TV”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

Wonder how they’re going to keep those bolted down? Who fixes a mirror TV? How much would it cost? And you have to make sure the mirror “fits” with the room decor as well… I’m guessing the sleazy motels aren’t getting these.

And frankly, TV’s in hotels are really quite big – and you can turn and angle them any way you want in a room. I *really* don’t see a lot of hotels buying this – maybe boutique hotels, as you say to put a second TV in the bathroom to watch the news while shaving(but then there’s issues with steam)…

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