Many Tech CEOs Are Oracle Grads

from the Larry's-kids dept

I’ve heard the numerous ex-Oracle CEOs around Silicon Valley referred to as “Larry’s kids”, and the name might be very accurate. With the very public war of words between Larry Ellison and ex-Oracle PeopleSoft CEO Craig Conway, new attention is being drawn to the take-no-prisoners, outspoken style of managmenet bred by Larry Ellison into a number of executives who have gone on to build and/or run many big name tech companies. While many claim that their careers at Oracle hasn’t had a huge impact on their management style, their consistently outspoken nature suggests otherwise. At least from an observer’s standpoint, it suggests we’ll always have a strong supply of amusing tech CEO quotes.

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Comments on “Many Tech CEOs Are Oracle Grads”

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Kulak says:

Re: Do you think he's compensating for something?

“Larry’s kids?” Larry himself is a kid.
A pathological narcissist (NPD) has a characteristic sadistic, paranoiac compulsion for control and attention.
He projects an image of omnipotent grandiosity to mask a frightened, self-loathing inner-child whose emotional maturity was derailed in infancy by unloving, non-mirroring caregivers.
“Pay attention to me so I can ignore the pain inside.” Bullying, the techno-guru routine, the America’s Cup, the jets, the Japanese estate–it’s all an act to dazzle an audience, to make a weak, fragile personality feel strong by forcing others to admire him.
A narcissist is a junkie, and his fix is you.

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