WiFi Is Here For The Long Haul…Trucker

WiFi Hotspots seem to emerge wherever techno-savvy business travelers have idle time. In an interesting move, Idleaire is putting Hotspots in places where truckers have idle time. In addition to grits and grease, you can soon load up on a short stack of connectivity at 200 truck-stops across the US. While there’s no doubt that the truckers congregate here with idle time, a question remains as to their readiness to connect. We assume business travelers have laptops, but I haven’t seen any data on whether truckers are similarly equipped. However, Idleair seems to have an existing presence in the truckstops, with existing back-haul already provided which may lower costs. Perhaps that explains the low pricing of $1.25 per hour, $3 per day or $25 a month. Roaming agreements mean that Boingo and iPass customers will be able to use the Idleaire Hotspots.

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Comments on “WiFi Is Here For The Long Haul…Trucker”

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1 Comment
Pez says:

greedy truck stop chains

What he said. The problem with the existing plans have to do with being able to park, as most spaces are gone by sundown. Also, i am not going to pay $20 a month to 5-6 different truck stop chains. And pay by the day is not worth more than a couple of bucks, in my opinion. At least not $5 a day.

There needs to be a truly national, or at least regional service. Truckstop.net almost had it, but it seems the companies behind it (verizon and others, i believe) half-assed their support, and it is now it is gone.

The problems lie in the truck stops thinking they can create a huge revenue stream, and not put any money into it.

to see the greed of truck stops, just go see what a can of Coke cost at one.

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