Computer-Savvy Kids Say Curses To Cursive

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I’ve certainly heard stories from people who say that with all the typing they do now, they are surprised at how difficult it is when they actually need to write stuff down. Their handwriting has gotten much worse, and it’s a skill that they almost never practice any more. Now, many elementary school students are wondering why they need to write cursive at all. Personally, I can’t remember the last time I wrote in cursive (other than signing my name). There doesn’t seem to be a point to it. If I’m writing notes, to myself, it’s always in print. I don’t know anyone who still writes actual letters anymore, which seems to be the excuse teachers are giving students for why they still need to know cursive. What’s most amusing is reading the “horror” that some people seem to feel about cursive going the way of the horse-and-buggy. One person talks about how computers and video games are causing all sorts of problems because they’re making sure students haven’t “developed proper forearm and hand musculature, seated posture or mental discipline.”

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Comments on “Computer-Savvy Kids Say Curses To Cursive”

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dave says:

No Subject Given

I use my own hybrid cursive print… can’t say I’ve ever used pure cursive… I really never figured out why we had to learn it, the only people I see who use cursive, I can’t read their handwriting anyway. I think learning to print clearly (at a decent speed… actually at any speed) is more important.

MissinLnk says:

Re: No Subject Given

I use my own hybrid cursive print…
Same with me. My writing’s basically connected print…works well for me and others can actually read it. The only time handwriting in print rather than cursive is slower is when writing a page or more…and the only time I write that much by hand is when I don’t care how long it takes. I’d rather my handwriting be easy to read and comfortable to write.

Mr. Craft says:

No Subject Given

This article is a joke. People are defined by their handwriting? Young kids are “worth” less if their handwriting isn’t as nice as the other kids? Puh-leeze. I haven’t used cursive since I was 12 or 13 years old and I’ve managed just fine. Sure, I can print nicely when duty calls, but I’d imagine most people can, too. Typing is more efficient and is a skill that has greater rewards.

Tom Johnson says:

It's past time

Cursive seemed pointless when I was in third grade nearly 20 years ago and it isn’t surprising that it is a growing trend. They didn’t teach us how to punch computer punch cards when I was in high school because that was becoming a lost art, why teach cursive? It’s not all that useful, schools have more important things to teach, and limited time/money. Children know when they’re being taught pointless information, and the more pointless the info, the more I personally tuned out school. It isn’t as bad as drumming dates and names into childen instead of trying to explore the actual lessons we can learn from history, but that’s another issue. Those who want to learn arcane skills are always welcome to do so on their own.

John J. Gabner says:

Cursive vs. printing

The argument that cursive is defunct or useless sounds just as rediculous as stating that books are no longer necessary as the computer will replace all forms of communication.
Cursive writing is as individual as a person’s fingerprint. Imagine the Diary of Anne Frank written in printing! Cursive is as basic to human literacy skills as reading and speaking properly.

There is a myriad of research proving that cognitive skills are increased through the use of early cursive writing as well as good motor skills.

Notetaking for the majority of people is faster with cursive. In fact, many jobs require handwriting samples. In Europe, fountain pens are still used becuase handwriting is so cherished.

Estetically speaking, a fine handwritten letter is far more personal and meaningful than a mere e-mail: I still have handwritten letters and recipes from my mother that mean more to me than gold. A printed version would not look as beautiful. I am proud of my mother’s literacy skills.

In closing, there are people who would argue that books are no longer needed, English grammar should not be stressed, proper pronunciation and speaking are no longer needed, etc, etc. My impression is that there are a lot of lazy people who have excuses for not having self-discipline.

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