IPO.com Shuts Down

from the the-boom-is-officially-over dept

Just as it’s beginning to look like things might be picking up again, there are a few IPOs on tap and VCs look to be funding a few (just a few) more companies, we now have our final sign that the bubble is dead. IPO.com has shut down. The site, founded to follow all the crazy internet IPOs during the boom years (and which eventually raised $10 million itself) is ceasing publication. They don’t give any explanation, but you can assume it’s because they’re out of money, and it doesn’t look like they have very much money coming in – or much reason to continue considering the lack of IPOs in recent times. Of course, you do have to wonder about a niche content site that can’t seem to figure out a way to survive a little longer on $10 million – but I guess the typical adage applies: if you’ve got the money, you figure out a way to spend it.

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