Girls Teach Teen Cyber Gab To FBI Agents

from the sounds-like-quite-the-after-school-job dept

Back when I was in high school, my after school jobs involved delivering newspapers and serving bagels. Three junior high school girls already have a much more exciting after school job. They’re teaching FBI agents how to chat online like teenagers. As the FBI continues to try to track down online pedophiles they need to appear like realistic 13-year-olds online. As much as they thought they were up to date on the latest teen pop culture, it turns out that they were a bit behind the times. Amusingly, some of the agents sounded quite disappointed to find out just how uncool they really were. One of the girls’ father is an FBI agent in the group, and realized they need the girls’ help after watching her instant message online using terms and phrases that were completely unfamiliar to him.

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