A FiaSCO In The Making: Lawyers Against Linux

from the will-it-legitimize-linux? dept

Yes, I know there have been a ridiculous number of stories about the whole SCO/Linux lawsuit, but Salon is running a very good summary of the case, including some interesting analysis. Basically, they think that SCO, in their lawyer-influenced cluelessness, really didn’t realize the negative impact this would have on their business. Furthermore, the fact that just about everyone (including those on the receiving end of lawsuit notices) has laughed loudly at the accusations suggests that (a) there’s not much behind the claims and (b) most people find the idea that “Linux is illegal” unlikely. Following on this idea, the writer suggests this case could actually do even more to legitimize Linux – by proving that its code isn’t a risk. Even if SCO does show up with some code that IBM copied, most people expect it to be re-implemented fairly quickly, such that Linux can go on being Linux – and SCO can continue going nowhere.

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Comments on “A FiaSCO In The Making: Lawyers Against Linux”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: No Subject Given

If only you knew how much there was. I trust the guy who told me “Yeah. It’s there. Line-for-line, character for character, and even the whitespace is the same.”

Maybe my buddy was lying, and mybe I’m quoting him out of context, but who knows? Please dig deeper – they may actually be right, and IBM may have actually been bad.

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