The Big Media Blackout On The FCC Rule Changing

from the conspiracy-or-boring-story? dept

Salon has written an article accusing broadcast networks of “self-censoring” the story about the FCC’s expected rule change concerning media ownership. The conspiracy theory is that since most of the owners of the major networks stand to benefit from the easing of ownership rules, they haven’t given the story much attention. The FCC is expected to rule in their favor, and there’s no reason to stir up a hornet’s nest if people find out reasons why they might not like that. While some of it is suspicious, I also think that the broadcasters might just think this is a boring story. I know I’ve avoided covering it too often, because there’s only so much you can say about it. In the past month, it seems like at least one major story comes out about this topic every few days – and none of it has very much new to offer. Most people who would have an opinion on this topic do already know about it. I would expect that most people just don’t care.

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