Tiny Seaside Town Goes Wi-Fi

Here’s yet another town that is covering their entire downtown with WiFi. This time, instead of it being with municipal support, though, it’s through a private company that is charging for access. The town, Half Moon Bay, isn’t far from where I live, and I had no idea they were doing this. It’s really not all that appealing for me to head over their to pay for service, but if they were offering it for free, like many other downtown areas, it would certainly be a compelling reason for me to shop at the stores in downtown Half Moon Bay more often. However, the article makes it sound like some of the locals really like the service. I’m just wondering, though, how many are using it when they already have internet access at home? Update: The New York Times is also running an article about Half Moon Bay going wireless, and they focus on soemthing that was brushed over in the Wired article: this isn’t straight WiFi. It’s really a mesh network type of technology that connects the various access points to one another.

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