Startups May Have Trouble Luring Top Execs

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A new study is out saying that startups these days are having trouble convincing top executives to fill their job openings, since these execs prefer the stability and high salaries of a large company job. I have a couple of thoughts on this. Thought number 1 is that, in this job market, I’m surprised any company is having that much difficulty finding qualified employees at any level. Thought number 2 (the more important thought) is that if the executives are looking for stability and security, they’re probably the wrong executive for the startup anyway. You want someone who really believes in the idea and thinks that they can turn the startup into something great. You’re not looking for someone who is looking for a regular paycheck and a 9-to-5. That’s not what startups are about.

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Comments on “Startups May Have Trouble Luring Top Execs”

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Bob Bechtel says:

Cynicism on display

I’d bet that on closer examination, it isn’t exactly all startups that are having trouble, but rather those that are venture capital driven. VCs like to have a “seasoned” management team, meaning they want someone who is already in a similar position, preferably with a successful company. (“Like to” is probably too weak — “insist on” is more nearly accurate.) So, the candidate pool is already biased toward those who are already pulling the large compensation in a (relatively) stable environment. This of course begs the question of how one gets to be in the candidate pool…

Agent Orange (user link) says:

Re: Cynicism on display

On target. The problem is that the CEO crowd are used to being shielded from their bad decisions. So if you buy a “used veteran” you will almost always get another lackluster performer. There ar emore CEOs than there are great CEO’s, just as there are bad, good, and outstanding ___________s (you fill in the blank for whatever you want – it’s universal).

VC’s are stupid when they insist on hiring the seasoned vets – they make the mistake of not getting a real winner and going for someone who likes the comfort of their perks. You have to go after a startup like Genghis Khan on the march for global conquest – take no prisoners!

Corporate oversight has been the worst in VC companies (and the biggest losses there I would bet) simply becuase they insist on this stupidity. Look at Enron – would you hire any of them to be your CEO? They are seasoned vets. How aout Tyco, or Worldcom, or (well, you get the idea). I can’t wait to see Fastow and Lay (et al) running some startup. That’s why the VC markets have such a sucking sound – no drive – just drive for perks and cash.

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