The Joy Of Lyrics – The Crackdown Of The Music Industry

from the frubmlub dept

Oh, that music industry. For years they’ve been upset by anyone who dares post lyrics online. I guess they’re afraid of someone (gasp!) singing along correctly without paying them royalties. We posted a story about a site that tried to <A href=”””>work with the music industry to post lyrics online almost three years ago. According to this BBC article, that website is still around, but they’re finally going to shut down because it’s just too much trouble dealing with an angry music industry – with no central way to license lyrics. Of course, as the article points out, many of the lyrics online are written by fans transcribing what they hear, and as such, it often has mistakes in it. So, my question is, if the transcribed lyrics have mistakes, are they still under the copyright control of the music industry? If not, why not set up a site that purposely (and perhaps obviously) has certain mistakes in the lyrics?

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