Thai Finance Minister Trapped By Rogue Computer In BMW

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Once again, life takes after the movies. Apparently, BMW is now programming their computers with HAL-like efficiency. Thailand’s Finance Minister, Suchart Jaovisidha, had to be rescued from his car after a malfunctioning computer locked him and his driver inside. Eventually, they got someone to break the car’s windows in order to rescue them. He’s quoted as saying, “it was one of the most frightening moments of my life.” Apparently, the computer malfunction caused the car to stop, the air conditioning to turn off, the doors to lock and the windows to remain stuck shut. You would think that a manual override would make sense… They tried to break the windows from the inside, but discovered the wonders of German engineering: “I learnt that that German car had very strong windows.” Update: Unfortunately, the original article from Thailand with all those great quotes seems to have been taken offline, though other news sources have <A href=”””>picked up on the story (though, they leave out the best quotes).

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Comments on “Thai Finance Minister Trapped By Rogue Computer In BMW”

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fieldcar (user link) says:

Gotta love MS Bashers.

Well, we all have to love those MS bashers.

I don’t know about that basher, but I’ve never had any major
problems with my own pc’s (excluding a virii or two).
You may be an idiot
that has no clue on how to maintain a pc, and use it for
matter, but it’s ok: bash away.
sure, go on, blame MS for your cheap pile of $hit that you try to call your
As for me, I’m running WinXP and I’m very happy with it.


Usually when a car (or any other application that requires dependability) has
a “computer” controlling it, its usually a microprocessor such as the motorola
MC6800. This
an operating
system, it’s a fully self contained logic device built upon the Assembly coding

My guess is; heat caused the micro logic device to
fail. But I don’t know enough about those BMW’s to tell.

Vermine says:

Re: Gotta love MS Bashers.

I’m afraid you’re wrong. BMW 7 series cars do run Windows CE, and yes, the situation was caused by it crashing.

I agree with you. Windows XP is quite good, when you’re not doing anything too complicated with it. As a home system for the novice, it’s great, but still not commercial quality.

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