Software Bullet Is Sought To Kill Musical Piracy

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With all the attention that was paid to the Berman Hollywood Hacking bill last year, you knew that the music labels and their friends had to be cooking up some sort of nasty anti-file-sharing software programs. Now the NY Times has worked out a few of the details of how these software programs would work to delete your MP3s or freeze up your computer. Meanwhile, we still have stories such as this horrible one from CNBC that seem to take the music industry’s argument and buy it without the slightest questioning. The article starts out saying, “as computers get more powerful and connections get faster, digital piracy gets bigger everyday. In fact, it’s so big it now threatens the music business and may soon threaten the entire entertainment industry.” What upsets me most is that the music industry refuses to realize the opportunity it has. Just as I was reading through these articles I downloaded 5 MP3s from the website of a band a friend told me about (I don’t have any file sharing software on my computer). The band clearly wants me to hear their songs, and I enjoyed them. From their website, they pointed to the website of an independent music store that sells their CDs, and I just ordered one. Now, I have a few MP3s on my computer, which were completely legitimately gotten and which influenced a buying decision. Yet, the music industry insists that they now have the right to freeze my computer and/or delete those MP3s? Of course, it remains to be seen if the music industry would stoop so low. I’m sure many people naturally assume that they would – but I’m willing to wait and see if they come to their senses.

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Comments on “Software Bullet Is Sought To Kill Musical Piracy”

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slim says:

when are they going to wake up

You know, all these record studios and movie studios have internal computer networks that I’d just bet aren’t very secure.

I wonder how many threats it’s going to take before someone pissed off that the recording industry is cooking up software to delete files from their computer to figure out that two can play that game.

bulk says:

D____ record companies deleting our MP3's!!??

If this story is at all plausible, I recommend backing up MP3 files onto CD’s (as data, not as audio files) I find I can squeeze 250-350 files per CD, which could cover any trojan that RIAA might release. Once recognized (and hopefully prosecuted and anti-virus protected) you can re-use. Doubt the darn leeches can find a way to seek out and confiscate your off-line CD’s (unless they create an even more nazi state!)

Milnesy says:

bring it on.

I’m a big big fan of P2P software. Yes, I have d/l’ed legit and not-so-legit mp3s. And I have been influenced by both to either buy or not buy the product.

If the RIAA wants to attack me w/ a Trojan horse, let em. I’ll sue. I mean, it is breaking and entering. They are breaking into my workstation. Something that is private to me and only those who I choose to give access to. If they put a software on my box to either delete my mp3s, redirect me to something else, it should be treated the same way as those who write viruses are treated.

They are criminals if they do this. And it will be easy to identify them as well, mainly because they have been bragging about these approaches over and over.

God they make me so mad.

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