Rumors Of Sun Takeover

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I doubt this is much of a surprise, even if it is “big” news, but there are plenty of rumors going around that someone will be buying Sun Microsystems in the near future. Dell, IBM, and HP make the most obvious (and, perhaps, the only likely) buyers. I’m not sure how much of the rumors are based on any real story or just wishful thinking from some analysts. Dell doesn’t like to buy companies, so I’d imagine they’re a long shot. I’m not sure how comfortable they are integrating such a huge company into the Dell process. HP might be gunshy following the mess they had with Compaq (which they’re still trying to digest). IBM, however, might make sense – especially as both companies are pushing the “on-demand” concept pretty heavily.

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Comments on “Rumors Of Sun Takeover”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: Why bother?

I don’t get it. If you compete with Sun already, why buy them? Just let them go out of business.

Well, for one thing, Sun isn’t in a position where they’re likely to go out of business in the near future. They’ve got quite a bit of cash on hand (not Microsoft-style cash, but still quite a bit).

Second, for a company like IBM to buy them, it would help them take a dominant market position in on-demand computing over HP, who currently has the lead. Also, it takes away one more competitor to deal with in competitive situations.

Finally, there might be some technology that Sun is working on that IBM likes….

Jim Tsoj says:

No Subject Given

If IMB buys Sun – Sun server business will die. IBM will just replace existing Sun servers with their own…not at first…but on the long run…

maybe Sun will become another DIGITAL…

what about this: Apply buys Sun! huh?!? imagine – they get quite a bit of server platform AND they can finally push Apple desktops to corporations….

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