Intel's Personal Server: A Handheld Killer?

from the everything-goes-wireless dept

Mark Baard writes “Intel is developing wireless, pocket-sized personal server that may replace laptops and PDAs altogether. The “personal server,” which is being developed at Intel Research by ubiquitous computing wizard Roy Want, is the size of a deck of cards, half the weight of an iPaq, and has no i/o, no screen, and no peripherals. The device never leaves its user’s pocket or handbag.” Sounds similar to the personal wireless hub we’ve spoken about before. Again, not surprising that Intel would be working on such a thing – as they like to experiment with just about any potential system that might increase demand for chips.

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Comments on “Intel's Personal Server: A Handheld Killer?”

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whit says:

Where's the benefit?

Not sure I see how this is a PDA or laptop killer. Best case that I see from a quick review of the info is that you have access to your own files and applications from any (wifi? bluetooth? enabled) computer. Slightly more convenient that having a USB or firewire hard drive in your bag.

If you want to make use of this thing on the train or bus, while waiting to go in to a meeting, while sitting in the park, etc., you still need to have a PDA or laptop, because you have no input or output devices (and presumably no OS, either?).

Kind of cool, yes, but as presented it seems more like an accessory to a computing device than a computing device itself…

Tom says:

Re: Where's the benefit?

I think you’re missing the benefits here. Think. Your server (and more importantly data) is held safely in the server, in your pocket, or sewn into your belt say.

You have the option of whatever interface suits you best. I’m imagining a whole range of wireless touch sensitive screens w mic and loudspeaker, ranging from a 1″ watch version to a 19″ monstrosity. I think I’d probably settle for something a little smaller than a mobile phone.

If it gets stolen, damaged, pint of beer spills over it, you replace the interface, not the essence.

Also, you could ask to borrow someone else’s interface, do a quick bluetooth rescan (sync it to your server) to look something up etc, much like you borrow a pen from someone now.

I think this will be cool.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Where's the benefit?

Well, I think the benefit is in the flexibility. This acts as a personal server no matter what kind of computing device you’re using. So, if you just need to use your PDA, it works with that. If you’re sitting at your desktop machine, it works with that…

So, yes, it is an accessory, but it could be a pretty useful one.

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