DSL Firms Drop Prices To Compete

from the thank-goodness-for-competition dept

Well it’s about time. As the cable companies have started to jack up the prices on their broadband offerings, the phone companies have (finally) realized what an opportunity that is, and are quietly dropping their prices. Not that I trust the phone companies to be much better when it comes to service, but if Comcast keeps trying to come up with new ways to charge me more, then I may finally have to try to switch back to DSL – though, my previous attempts weren’t much fun. It’s really too bad that the choices are coming down to either the phone company or the cable company. The lack of understanding about what they’re offering, and the desire to make it more difficult for people to simply do what they want with their high speed internet connection, would seem like an ideal opportunity for other types of companies to offer a real competing service.

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