School Blocks Out File-Sharing

from the what-about-legitimate-uses? dept

A college in New Jersey is making news because they’ve decided to block the use of file sharing programs on their networks. The RIAA, of course, applauded this decision. While I can understand the issue of them blocking it to prevent overuse of bandwidth, they’re doing it to try to stop illegal file sharing. Of course, in doing so, they’re going overboard. First of all, there are non-infringing uses of file sharing. Despite what the RIAA claims, there are legitimate reasons to use file sharing networks. Even in the article, one student says he uses file sharing networks to distribute WTC tribute videos he made. That’s not illegal. At the same time, it won’t take long for most students to figure out a way around the block, and to use a different port than the one that’s been blocked. So, this is going to do nothing to stop file sharing.

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