Future Of Police Work Doesn't Come Cheap

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While police may be salivating over new TIA-style technologies that let them bring all sorts of databases together to figure out which crimes you’re likely to have committed – it turns out that many police departments are worried that they can’t afford the technology. Even with all the talk of “homeland security”, it’s increasingly difficult for police to raise money for technology improvements. While I’m all for systems that make it easier for police to track down criminals, I do worry about how the technology is (mis)used.

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Comments on “Future Of Police Work Doesn't Come Cheap”

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1 Comment
steve says:

TIA fear this

I have daughters, I know horny cops.
I know horny cops have used the info that they
already have to find other guy’s daughters.
I do not want them to have TIA on my daughters.
They have not done any crimes, so why should some
one know when they by pill, condoms and beer?
A cop can get a plate number and have your
home address. He should not get all your purchase
info. Picture a couple geeks, data mining for dates. 18-23 single, low-paying job pills 14 days
old, large tabs at local bars.
I worry more about this than some fat old guys
looking at my fertilizer puchases.

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