Fraudster's Mobile Bungling Gives Him Away

from the oops dept

It’s probably happened to you or someone you know – the accidental phone call by a mobile phone stuck in someone’s pocket. I had a friend who used to have this happen all the time, and we’d joke about how his butt enjoyed calling people. However, when you’re committing fraud, you probably want to make sure that you lock the keypad before you stick the phone in your pocket and brag about the fraud. Someone in the UK called a group that handles recovered stolen property telling them that he had a number of items stolen. He then put the phone in his pocket and started bragging to his friends about the fraud he was committing. Unfortunately for him, the redial button on the phone was pressed while in his pocket. The firm records all phone calls for “training purposes”, and after laughing their socks off, decided that they can also use it to “train” a judge in how this guy tried to rip them off.

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