Singapore Uses Body Heat Scans To Spot SARS

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As SARS is becoming a bigger and bigger issue arond the world Singapore is going to start using “body heat” scanners to detect people with fevers who may have the disease. Apparently, many people either don’t realize they have a fever, or are lying to avoid getting quarantined.

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Comments on “Singapore Uses Body Heat Scans To Spot SARS”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

My, are we fragile

Flu pandemics that killed up to a million people occurred regularly throughout the 1950s and 60s. 1963 gave birth to a worldwide generation of deaf babies who had contracted the flu during pregnancy. Yet, nobody at the time predicted the end of the world, or even an economic disaster.

SARS is nothing more than a severe cough. It’s probably been around all along, only we now have the technology to discover “new” viruses.

Caucasians have body temperatures that average 0.1 C higher than East Asians, so I wonder how many whities will register false positives.

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