The 3G/2.5G Controversy: GSM vs. CDMA

For years, we have taken issue with those carriers that offer up 2.5G services and call them 3G. However, when another site wrote an article mentioning this same point as an aside, the writer was subsequently bombarded with angry emails – arguing vehemently for both sides. So, he took some time out to research and discuss what is the real defining characteristics of a 3G service vs. a 2.5G service. It’s still up for debate whether or not services like Sprint PCS’s vision really qualify for 3G or should be bumped back down to the more modest 2.5G level – though, there are even some who are promoting a further division so that the service is labeled 2.75G (which, unfortunately, might be the most accurate). The article also goes into some quick definitions of the various network technologies, and their upgrade paths, to explain the process carriers are going to from 2.5G to real 3G services.

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