The Latest In 419 Scams Uses A Fake Bank Site To Retarget Old Prospects

from the try,-try-again... dept

MSNBC has become a pretty detailed resource of information on the latest tactics of 419 scammers. The latest story they have talks about how 419 scammers are “retargeting” people they had contacted previously who had grown suspicious and dropped out of the process. To ease their fears, they tell them they can access the money through an online bank. Of course, they then have them register an account at a completely fake online bank site – which apparently is designed to look very realistic. Eventually, of course, the same problems with transferring the money comes up – and they require some sort of “fee” to finalize the transfer. I also found it interesting to see that the scammer mentioned in his email the fact that many 419 emails are scams, as he tries to ensure the guy that his email is legitimate. It’s stunning that people still fall for these scams.

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